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Hire The Right People - 10 Recommendations On Using Assessments

Assessments are powerful tools to use in selecting the right people for the right jobs. And the higher up in the organization the more critical assessments can be to successful selection. Here are 10 Recommendations to help you decide how to most effectively use these tools.


Employee Retention: When Is Your Next Key Employee Going To Leave And What Are you Doing About It?

When a key performer decides to leave, it shouldn't be a surprise to you. Here's How To Stop The Surprises: Use this simple Employee Retention Risk Analysis process to prompt your managers to regularly assess the 'retention risk' of key performers, and report back to you regularly.


The 5 Keys To Inducting New Employees

When it comes to inducting new employees into your business you only get one chance. Get it wrong and you have started to sow the seeds of doubt in the mind of your new starter in the first few weeks. Get it right and it will make a huge difference to how the person settles in. Without being perfectionist, the key is to make sure that every new starter feels excited and positive that they have made the right choice in joining your business.


The 5 Most Common Mistakes with Employee Benefits

A new MetLife study reveals that 55% of employers rank ‘employee retention’ as their No. 1 benefits objective. Unfortunately, the same study showed that only 33% of workers feel strongly that their company effectively educates them on their benefits options. If you’re going to use benefits to build a solid workforce, here are the five most common mistakes to avoid.


7 Tips To Becoming an Inspirational Leader

I was recently asked “What would you say is the one real key to finding and keeping people?” After thinking for a moment, I said “Leadership.” The reason is that an inspirational leader in any field - business, sport, politics - draws in great people to work with them through their own magnetism. But what is it that these leaders do that makes them stand out? And how can this help you recruit and retain the right people?


Recruiting The Right People: The 9 Key Strategies

Finding the right people on a consistent basis is not a question of luck - it’s about taking some specific actions: Construct a powerful vision ,Make ‘finding and keeping the right people’ a priority.......