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Social Search Engines not to be ignored

With the race to first place for Search Engine Rankings, Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is becoming as important as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


Simply put, this is exactly what to do to be successful

The article is about the necessity of setting your goal and sticking with it. Work on the rule of 8. Sponsor 8 people and and don't rest until you help each sponsor eight people. It all begins with this rule. Do this and you will become successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Published: 9-Aug-2013

career development

Child development as a science is still in its infancy, and there are a lot of theories when it comes to child development and also on how to parent a child and nurture him for a brighter future. The truth is that bringing up a child is not a walk in the park, and sometimes parents need all the help they can get in bringing up their children. There is no shortage of advice on the internet, but there is a lot less said about the role of patience in bringing up children. Like all important aspects of life, bringing up children also requires a lot of patience.

Published: 5-Aug-2013

Manage Word 2007 email documents for reviews and tracking changes

Emailing a Word 2007 document to another user for review, meaning any changes they make it will track those changes in Word 2007, is a snap!


How To Develop Merely Compliant Workers into Dedicated Workers

Managers are rushed. They have a lot more to do today with fewer resources. It is natural to take the quickest route to accomplish an immediate task. Far too often this takes the form of telling a subordinate what to do and how to do the desired task. Big mistake. You will not develop the skills of your people doing it this way.


Here Is The Major Problem With Networking

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