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Want More Bang In An Internet Marketing Program?

Tons of people want you to join their Internet Marketing Program. Once you’ve opted in to someone’s lead capture page (sometimes referred to as a squeeze page), usually within seconds you’ll receive a “thank you” along with a “call to action” type memo. If you register your name and email address with more than a half a dozen of these marketing campaigns, you can expect your email box to become flooded with “get in now” type messages!

Published: 6-May-2014

Career Success - Why They're Just Not That LinkedIn To You and What to Do About It

Not feeling the love or experiencing the career success that is supposed to come from diligent professional networking on sites like LinkedIn? You're not alone. The SMARTSTART Coach looks at 5 reasons they're just not that LinkedIn to you and explains what you can do to change it.

Published: 5-May-2014

Things to know about Internet Marketing Training

There are numerous Internet Marketing Training courses to be found on the World Wide Web! The challenge is determining the best one for you. With many claiming to be the “only” training you’ll ever need, it makes it even more difficult to know who’s really on the up and up.


Internet Ecommerce, Now What?

Are you looking to get on board with an Internet Ecommerce solution? There are numerous options online from which to choose. Many options offer a turnkey solution that will supply you with a website, along with products to sell and support systems included. Some of which are multi-level and enable you to build an organization (or team) that can in turn, increase your Internet Ecommerce income.


The century of management

Businessman believes that time is money, and manager believes that good dealing with people and time is money. Have you ever wondered what is the occupation of 21st century? My personal idea: it is a manager. Even though the internet business is on top right now it also would be nothing without a good management.

Published: 9-Mar-2014

Career Success - 5 Good Reasons to Train Co-Workers When Training is Not Part of Your Job

Should you agree to take on more work by training others when training is not your job and no extra pay is offered? The SMARTSTART Coach discusses whether to say yes or no and explains why and why not. Your career success hangs in the balance of your decision; you are always in control of how far you go and whether or not you are paid what you are worth.