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GPS Time Servers

Summary: The Global Positioning System offers a very accurate reference clock ideal for network time servers systems and computer time synchronization. Accuracies of a few nanoseconds can be reasonably achieved with relatively low-cost GPS receivers and antennas.


Why the best add-on gadget for your MP3 player is an FM transmitter

Ned Norris, of RUSC Old Time Radio fame, explains how easy it is to create your very own micro radio station in your own home in just five easy steps, so that you can listen to your favorite music, audiobooks or even old time radio shows in any room of the house.


Home-based business - why you should start your own

Home-based business is a type of business that can be organized and operated from home. Depending on the nature of business, its size could be small, medium, or even big. In this type of business, the owner is the master of his own destiny and can work as and when he pleases, nevertheless the harder he works, the prosperous his business becomes.


What Rushing Your Design Project Really Means

If you don't plan to allow enough time for your project to be designed, printed and delivered, then you may still be able to have your project completed in time, but the design will have to be rushed. This means that your designer will put aside other client's work and work late nights, even weekends, to get your project out - but at a price. And the price takes several forms other than just financial.

Published: 2-Feb-2014

Keeping Tabs On Your Hosting Company

Once you have decided on the company to whom you are going to entrust your websites or blogs, you will always have that period where you wait anxiously for the first problems to arise. This is not because so many hosting companies are bad, more that there is plenty of negative press about the hosting industry in general and tends to make webmasters a little paranoid.


The One-Time Offer and Your Online Marketing Business : Help or Hindrance?

If you are thinking about adding a one-time offer (OTO) to your online marketing business, then read this article to find out if it will help or hinder your business, and effective ways to use the one-time offer.

Published: 5-Jan-2014