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Keeping the Lines of Management Intact

Cultivating a good manager takes finesse and experience. Key ingredients such as reliability, ability to make competent decisions and possess innate leadership qualities must be present in order to become a successful manager. If any of those ingredients is missing or is skewed in relation to the other, the combination can be reckless and create undesirable consequences down the road.


Oxfordshire Venues

Depending upon where your business is located and where the customer base is primarily located, you could choose to use any number of different places. For example, one of the latest hot spots is Oxfordshire venue, where good geography has been one of the primary considerations. When choosing a location for an all important business conference, location is one of the many things that a business must consider.


Building Cohesive Teams with Communication

Good communication is always a cornerstone of any team building effort. And, in this article we follow the connections, from communication to cohesiveness, and from cohesiveness to team building.


High Performance Teams: 9 Essential Ingredients for Team Building

High performance teams and team building article. Discover 9 things you can do to energize and motivate your employees to extraordinary performance! Especially beneficial for team leaders, managers, supervisors, directors, executives and business owners.

Published: 5-May-2013

How Well Are You Managing Change?

Change has an impact on you whether you work for someone else, work for yourself, or don't work at all. The truth of the matter is that change is constantly happening all around us! Being flexible and able to adapt to change in a way that works for you and not against you is key -- both personally and professionally. Learn 3 key tips to managing change.

Published: 1-Apr-2013

Where Are You Making a Difference?

I was challenged recently by my holistic healer, Donna Wilkinson, an amazing woman who expanded my thinking about the "big picture" learnings from Hurricane Katrina. Through her abilities and insights to see more than most of us can see, Donna helped me realize that this level of devastation will likely continue in different places of our world unless we all make more of an effort to make a difference on a global level.