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What To Expect From A Lasik Clinic

If you said that you were going to a lasik clinic twenty years ago, you would have gotten some strange looks. When the basic lasik procedure first became available in the early 1990's it was only available at a few prominent medical centers. The equipment necessary to perform the corrective laser eye surgery had not yet been developed on a mass scale and was not available, or affordable, for many eye surgeons.

Published: 1-Nov-2013

Breast Cancer or Gynecomastia in Males

Typically, people associate “Breast Cancer” with women, but it will be quite foolish to ignore the fact that males never suffer from this deadly disease.

Published: 5-May-2013

Five Things about LASIK eye surgery.

LASIK eye surgery has improved the vision of millions of people across the world without the use of glasses or contact lenses. Although complications are low, you must do your homework to gain the best results with the least problems.


What A Laser Eye Surgery Center Can Offer

There are many Lasik centers now available in the world. You will want to find a laser eye center that offers surgical procedures for more than just a few years and has been a leader in refractive surgery.


Laser Eye Surgery Risks Are Quite Low

There are reports emanating from consumer experts that suggest that patients who undergo laser eye surgery are not being informed about the risks that accompany such treatment methods.


Laser Combs vs. Hair Transplantation Surgery

Laser combs work, but hair growth is not significant and lasting. Hair transplantation is the only proven way to grow lasting, natural hair.