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How to Reverse the Client-Chase and Attract More Business with Proven Marketing Strategy

Marketing can be easy and fun when you change your marketing strategy. A simple shift from a “traditional”, sales-focused approach, to something often referred to as education-based or attraction marketing will make prospects come to you.


How a Night at the Bowling Alley can change your Marketing Strategies

How one business owner learned four critical aspects of marketing by spending a night at the lanes.


Looking for a Business Mentor?

A mentor can help you reach your business goals much faster than if you’re working solo. If you’re considering seeking out a mentor, here’s the place to start.


A Click that Earns: Increasing your marketing efforts through PPC advertising

PPC Advertising flat works, but chart the waters carefully. Make the click flip your revenue side up. This is where PPC is optimized to support internet-marketing efforts.


The 1 Question You’ve Probably Never Asked That Could Make Your Business Insanely Profitable

The secret to pricing your product or service for your particular business.


How to Turn More Referrals into Paying Clients

According to a survey conducted by SBA (Small Business Administration) 60 out a 100 small business owners claim that over 60% of their new business comes from referrals. But only a handful of professionals can clearly pinpoint where their referrals come from and the exact process they use to turn them into paying clients.

Published: 3-Jul-2013