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How do you pay the rent when business is slow?

Ok, so business is slow - don't panic! Keep this article nearby to read every time you feel a slowdown to get you focused again.


Don’t make the same newsletter mistakes I did! Part 2: Technical

Creating and sending an electronic newsletter is more complicated than it looks! Part 1 of this series addressed the content portion and Part 2 now addresses the technical aspects of ezine publishing. Don't make your own mistakes; learn from mine!


10 Ways to Give Your Small Business Intuition a Workout

Learn how to exercise your most powerful muscle which is your business mind. Give your mind a workout for business success.


7 Steps to Successfully Responding to Product Knock Offs

The busines world is becoming increasingly more competitive every year. There a 7 ways to defend your business against product knock offs.

Published: 8-Nov-2013

Boys vs. Girls in Small Business? Sort-of…

You may not realize it, but there are marked differences between the ways men and women run their small businesses! Read this article to maximize your gender strengths.

Published: 7-Sep-2013

The 6 P’s of Personal Marketing

Increase your professional visibility with personal marketing strategies. The position that you occupy in the minds of prospective clients can be critical factor in their decision to do business with you.