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The Telecom David and Goliath battle

Have you ever wondered why the large telephone service providers have not pioneered VoIP services for their customers? With all their vast profits made, why have they not brought out the fantastic features of service that VoIP enables and given them to their customers? Just what is it that holds them back? Why is it that small companies have been the ones to push the service out?

Published: 5-Feb-2013

Where is the best business proposition today?

What is the best business to be in today? Certainly the communications industry is booming. How do you get a slice of this trillian dollar industry? Read this article to find out more.

Published: 3-Dec-2012

Best practices for eLearning

Let's say it, training for new employees is usually done "on the go", while their performance takes its time to show. Moreover, 80% of the accumulated knowledge of an enterprise is in the mind of its personnel and this knowledge leaves when the employee does. Consequently, the knowledge management and the sharing of the best practices are the major concerns of the continuing training and the coaching. This is the real challenge of the learning process in which participation is key.


Best practices for eService

The quality of the service is an essential condition to guarantee the clientele's satisfaction, deserve their loyalty and get references. This concerns the employees along with the partners of the distribution network. The service might be offered directly by an agent from the assistance center (Help Desk) or in free-service accessible 24 hours a day.


Best practices for eSales

The eSales is applicable to several stages of the sales process: in prospecting while in a WEBinar, in the occasion of a presentation, preparing a submission, the review of a proposition , the negociation of a contract and lastily for the coordination of a project and the client's satisfaction follow up. In the last case, we refer to is correct to call eMeeting. It is also a wonderful tool for commercial training for new representatives and partners in eLearning.


True Online Video Arrives This Year

True online video arrives this year because we'll finally have access to a distribution system with the power to bring full-screen streaming video to your computer screen ( and the ability to easily purchase content over the Internet to play on regular TV sets (TiVo and other digital recorders).

Published: 3-Apr-2012