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7-Step Marketing Plan to Win More Clients

Even the most brilliant ideas are worthless if you don't act to implement them. This 7 step guide gives you easy to implement marketing strategies and proven money making ideas.


IRS to Renew Random Audit Program

The US Internal Revenue Service is the largest and most aggressive colleciton agency in the world. As deficits expand and technology advances the agency has become much more agtressive and thorough in its collection practices some of those preactices have been challenged. The IRS now intends to re-introduce audits. This article explains rights taxpayers have if they get audtied or visited by the IRS.


Japanese Beetle Control

The development of your plan will require research, an inventory of all the plants in your garden and lawn which are suceptible to the Japanese Beetle, and an understanding of the methods being used by others in your area for Japanese Beetle control.


Blocked VOIP. Anonymous Surfing. Anonymous browsing

VPN service is a solution to get round very restrictive government firewalls. VPN os one of the best solution for Anonymous Surfing

Published: 6-Jul-2014

Three Steps to Creating Exceptional Customer Experience

People come to businesses today with dramatically different expectations than they did even a few years ago. They don’t want an ordinary product or run-of-the mill service, they want an experience. And it is the experience that keeps customers coming back again and again and again, or the lack of it that drives them away.


Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

One of a series of 6 articles about how to create a successful business. This article focuses on how to recognize and capitalize on hidden opportunities by watching trends, noticing what people are buying, etc. In short, how to recognize a need and fill it to become successful.

Published: 2-Jun-2014