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Recruitment Law: The Importance of Knowing the Regulations

As a recruitment consultant your days are generally spent focusing on making sales and dealing with client requirements. Getting roles, finding candidates, chasing feedback, organizing interviews, the list goes on, leaving little time to focus on the clients themselves. But with such focus on making a sale, are you inadvertently leaving your clients open to risks?


Micromanagement: Killing Employee Morale

Employee morale is something that no business can ignore. It is something that greatly impacts employee performance, especially in a sales environment. Sales environments can, by their very nature, be very stressful and it falls to the managers to ensure that morale is kept up and performance optimized.


Customer Service: A Missing Skill?

You have to make more sales! This is the message that is drilled into every salesperson’s mind on a daily basis. Usually they’re expected to achieve this through cold calling and other age-old techniques in a hope that they will be able to make a sale. However, this single-minded focus on sales figures tends to leave the customer unhappy and unwilling to buy from the salesperson a second time. How is this possible?


What you need to know about changing your job

Are you feeling dissaitfied with you career. Perhaps it's time for a re-evaluation.

Published: 9-Feb-2013

Computer Software Engineer Jobs In The UK

Computer software engineering has become more popular in recent years, bringing with it the challenge for new engineers to distinguish themselves from their peers. Applicants should focus their CV’s to ensure their prospective employers understand their key strengths.

Published: 1-Dec-2012


One the fundamental steps in finding the right people is to conduct effective interviews and make selection decisions that are right for your business. But what should you do? What should you NOT do?