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Surviving in intense competition, especially against big players

In today’s competitive world, innovation plays a key role. However, to be innovative, a business must first survive in the competition. For small businesses, industries, or markets, survival becomes very difficult because of the big organized players that have already created their brand in the market.

Published: 6-Mar-2014

Create Business Success by Creating Controls

The successful operation of any company requires control by top managers and owners. Understand what types of controls are needed, their natural limitations, and the best way to insure that they are followed.


How to Set the Conditions for Business Success

Creating a stellar organization involves setting the conditions to help people do their very best work, and your company’s success depends on designing the circumstances under which people can function most effectively. Two areas that deserve attention in this regard are your ability to observe the results of cause-and-effect relationships, and how well your business can shift to becoming system-dependent instead of remaining person-dependent.

Published: 3-Oct-2013

How to Avoid 97% of What Causes All Failures

Two scenarios: A. You're in your office making up a new client folder for a client who doesn't yet exist. Your thinking about how you'll work together and the phone rings. It's a prospect who's interested in working with you. B. You're sitting at your desk deeply involved in a project and the phone rings. It's a prospect who's interested in working with you. Which one of the above prospects will get the *best* you?

Published: 7-Apr-2013

Theory of Everything

We have problems needing solutions. We have people investigating these problems. They research. They investigate what other researchers have discovered. They perform original research examining new views and new data. They make hypothesis, perform experiments, and test the new information. New processes and technology move from the laboratory and into practice; however, the new processes do not receive acceptance and enthusiastic implementation.


Practical Policies and Procedures Can Save You Money

Settling legal claims from employees can often be expensive and time consuming. It also damages morale and reputations. Having the guidelines in place is a good investment.