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How to Set the Conditions for Business Success

Creating a stellar organization involves setting the conditions to help people do their very best work, and your company’s success depends on designing the circumstances under which people can function most effectively. Two areas that deserve attention in this regard are your ability to observe the results of cause-and-effect relationships, and how well your business can shift to becoming system-dependent instead of remaining person-dependent.

Published: 3-Oct-2013

Fire safety regulations

Choosing the right online fire risk assessment An increasing number of individuals and organizations alike are involved in carrying out online fire risk assessments; there has been an increase in the number of sites that are offering online fire risk assessments. However for a business to feel confident that they have completed a comprehensive online fire risk assessment, the first requirement is choosing the right site. Although a new concept in terms of fire safety, an online fire risk assessment has many advantages, some of the major advantages include saving money, time and also having the advantage of not disrupting work hours by caring out the fire risk assessment at convenient times.

Published: 7-Jun-2013

Ready to Get Organized? 7 Tips for Developing Business Systems

Wherever you are today with respect to growing your business or organization, developing systems and processes represents a crucial part of setting the conditions for success. Because it’s so important to establish a robust foundation before your business explodes with new business, this article offers seven ideas for systematizing your organization.


Are You Driving Your Customers Away?

There are a variety of ways in which we might be inadvertently frustrating our customers and clients. One of the most common involves our policies and procedures, which may be unnecessarily confusing or restrictive. By being alert for situations that put our customers on the defensive and handling those situations gracefully, we can retain our customers’ loyalty and avoid driving them away.

Published: 5-Nov-2012

Knowing the Boundaries - and Keeping Staff Out of Trouble

Avoiding claims by employees and staying on the right side of employment legislation is a constant concern for managers but it just takes a bit of planning to set the guidelines and avoid the worry.

Published: 9-Aug-2006

Network Marketing Strategy - How To Steal a Downline!

once you get profitable in network marketing, it's not unusual for your company or your upline to use the Policies & Procedures against you to take away the income you have built. This story is an example of how they can legally do that - and what you must do to protect yourself.