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Keeping the Lines of Management Intact

Cultivating a good manager takes finesse and experience. Key ingredients such as reliability, ability to make competent decisions and possess innate leadership qualities must be present in order to become a successful manager. If any of those ingredients is missing or is skewed in relation to the other, the combination can be reckless and create undesirable consequences down the road.


Facts related to China's e-commerce

These are some of the basic facts related to China's e-commerce industry and all of them have a great impact on Chinese economy.


Sales Commissions Earned

As a career salesperson, I have strong feelings about commissions and an important message to all business owners who utilize salespeople to penetrate new markets and grow the customer base. Here is my recipe for a win-win pay-plan that works well for both the business owner and salesperson alike.


Would You Pass The Dorothy Test?

How often do managers forget about the contributions made by those they take for granted? Here's a reminder.


What qualities must a Leader have in managing a business?

The seven qualities that a leader must display in order to successfully manage a business.


Typical problems faced when trying to earn money online.

This article enlists and explains the common problems faced by people when they try to earn money online through various online businesses.