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Selling Your Business - What Would Sam Zell Do?

Sam Zell, multibillionaire founder of Equity Residential (EQR) has approached the sale of his business the right way. Sellers of privately held businesses can learn a great deal from his approach. This article explores his process.


Selling Your Business - Prepare for the Buyer Visit

A buyer visit is a very important step before receiving a letter of intent. Do not view it as a simple show-and-tell corporate tour. It is your chance to position your company in the best light to drive purchase price. It is also your chance to gather valuable information on the buyer in order for you to make yoru selling decision.


Business Sellers - Beware of the C Corp Asset Sale

If you are selling your business and it is a C Corp, the tax consequences of an asset sale as opposed to a stock sale can be punishing. All else being equal, push for the stock sale. This article discusses the tax treatment of both transaction forms.


Think Rationally Before You Decide

Many companies often let their success and euphoria gloat over their heads and forget to do their homework.


Acquisition Binge can Cause Indigestion

The adage still holds true, 'Do not bite more than you can chew'.It can become toxic for the company if they go into acquisition binge.


There Is A Strong Parallel Between Physical And Fiscal Health

There is a strong parallel between corporations and medical science. Companies fall sick just as people do. Contrary to the common view, a company is not an inanimate object.

Published: 8-Oct-2009