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3 Super-Simple Ways to Use Tell-a-Friend

Everyone prefers getting a recommendation for a product or a service. It means they don't have to do the research themselves, or find out whether or not it's for them through trial and error, shouldering all the risk.

Published: 8-Feb-2014

Make a Connection with Your Ezine Readers

Are there ezines that you receive that you just can't wait to read? I know I have 3 or 4 that I read as soon as they hit my inbox, and others that I print and put in my "reading box" next to my desk.

Published: 9-Jan-2014

6 Ways to Optimize Your Opt in Page

Building a responsive, high-quality list of email subscribers is the key to leveraging your marketing time and increasing your income.


In this the Next 'Must Have Tool' for e-Commerce Sites?

Is a click-to-talk service appropriate for your website and business? If so what features do you look for? This article will help yopu decide.

Published: 8-Mar-2013

What Are 7 Psychological Triggers That Make People Buy?

Did you know that there are seven psychological techniques that literary persuade people to buy? When we first used these techniques in a client's mailshot, we increased the response rate by 257%! You can use them not only in your mailshots but also in your ads, headlines, and even sales letters.

Published: 7-Feb-2013

5 Simple Steps to a Website that Makes Sales

Is your website producing leads for you or is it just sitting out there in cyberpace looking pretty? Obviously, you want your website to work for you to generate leads and make sales, not just be a pretty brochure for your business.