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Understand the Truth About Buyers to Increase Sales

Understanding the truth about buyers - what they really want, despite what they may say they want - is the secret to increasing sales. Discover the 5 types of Customer Needs and the four 4 questions that you must answer for customers in order to sell them any product or service.


3 Super-Simple Ways to Use Tell-a-Friend

Everyone prefers getting a recommendation for a product or a service. It means they don't have to do the research themselves, or find out whether or not it's for them through trial and error, shouldering all the risk.

Published: 8-Feb-2014

Make a Connection with Your Ezine Readers

Are there ezines that you receive that you just can't wait to read? I know I have 3 or 4 that I read as soon as they hit my inbox, and others that I print and put in my "reading box" next to my desk.

Published: 9-Jan-2014

6 Ways to Optimize Your Opt in Page

Building a responsive, high-quality list of email subscribers is the key to leveraging your marketing time and increasing your income.


In this the Next 'Must Have Tool' for e-Commerce Sites?

Is a click-to-talk service appropriate for your website and business? If so what features do you look for? This article will help yopu decide.

Published: 8-Mar-2013

What Are 7 Psychological Triggers That Make People Buy?

Did you know that there are seven psychological techniques that literary persuade people to buy? When we first used these techniques in a client's mailshot, we increased the response rate by 257%! You can use them not only in your mailshots but also in your ads, headlines, and even sales letters.

Published: 7-Feb-2013