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To Achieve 20 Times as Much, Select the Right People and Provide the Right Motivation

This article provides how to directions to supplement your search for the maximum result in exceeding tomorrow’s best practices. You will also learn how to set higher standards of accomplishment by better combining personal and organizational effectiveness.


Learn The Art of Relationship Balancing

Relationships at the office are a powerful factor in contributing to success and productivity. This article explores a basic step towards healthy workplace relationships - relationship balancing. It describes the process of relationship balancing and the causes of unbalanced relationships and how to correct them. A short questionnaire and excerise are also provided.


The Boss is the Boss, No Matter Where They Came From

Career assistance for any position. The first in a series on selecting the right company for your career. This is a discussion on two types of entities based on the leadership; entrepreneur or corporate executive. This article allows you to take a moment to think about the leadership of any company you are considering to help you bring your career to the next level.


What Not To Ask Of Job Applicants

Tips on what to avoid asking of job applicants.


Disaster Planning for Small Business

No one knows just how many small businesses owners lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. No one knows how many will be able to come back from disaster. But the odds are that the ones who successfully rebuild there businesses will be the ones who had a disaster plan in place before the hurricane struck.


Mental Toughness For Modern Life

Rapid changes in modern life brings many challenges. Many people are struggling to keep pace with increasing stress and strain. Mental toughness will become a key attribute of high achievers in the future.