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5 Keys to a Viable Niche

Every niche has struggles and challenges. In order for you to build a viable business within that niche, they have to have problems that they really want solved. This article gives you 5 keys to look for to decide if a niche is a viable one for your business.

Published: 1-Nov-2012

2 Free Email Marketing Secrets That Will Drive Traffic to Your Site

Using an email address that contains your domain name and appending an email signature to all of your email correspondence are two free, easy and effortless ways to promote yourself, your website, and your products or services. Here's how you can incorporate these strategies into your email marketing:


5 Real-Life Lessons in How to Get More Clients

The following article is a true story and a true lesson in how to get more clients for your service-based business the easy way - by making it easy for your clients to sign up!


3 Real Estate Web Site Features That Convert Visitors Into Customers

Real estate agents typically try and immediately convert their website visitors into a paying customer. Instead, initiate a relationship with your visitor. What's the secret to this relationship-building strategy? It's a simple process of including 3 must-have visitor conversion features on your website.


How to Do a Simple Split Test to Increase Your Sales

Clients often ask my opinion about whether or not I think something (a new product, a certain price point, a sales page) will work for their business online. My typical response? "Test it and see!"


How to Use Teleseminars to Find Out Exactly What Your Niche Wants

Basically, there are two things that must be in place before any of your offerings can be successful (read: profitable). One is that it must be designed for a niche and the other is that is must solve a problem that your niche wants solved. Though I may be stating the obvious, many times we create what we think our niche NEEDS instead of what it WANTS.