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Build your website using Content management systems

When you decide you want to make a site there are more options then you may think. You can code each page individually by using applications such as front page and dreamweaver or you can use a content management system (cms).


Making a website with WYSIWYG tools

If you have no previous experience making a website and do no wish to learn you can download software that will allow you to drag and drop items such as pictures, texts, tables to build up your website fast and effective.


Working Hard Does Not Produce Success

Working hard does not produce success. There are plenty of people who have worked hard their whole lives who are now struggling to support themselves. Why? Is there something vitally important that is being overlooked or dismissed?

Published: 4-Jun-2013

Portfolio Career

The changing dynamics in the job market are creating new reasons for people to think differently about how they approach their careers. The portfolio career approach is a new way to meet employer needs, while at the same time focusing on improving your skills, knowledge and value, as well as staying true to who you are and what makes you really thrive in your career.


Where to Find Free and Cheap Royalty-Free Images for Your Website

There are now dozens of websites where you can find free or cheap royalty free photos. I will cover the ones that I have used and can recommend.


Home Based Internet Business Tips

For many people who dream of starting their own home based internet business and working for themselves instead of a boss or group of bosses, the internet has opened up many possibilities. From selling goods and services, to becoming involved in affiliate marketing, if people can dream about it, they can find a way to make it happen online.