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Make your work schedule more flexible using your home PC to login to your office remotely.

Anyplace Control offers a revolutionary new solution for accessing working machine and all corporate resources remotely. Leave the office early and finish your work from home!

Published: 9-Apr-2014

Laptop vs. desktop

Many people have trouble in deciding whether they are best going for a laptop or desktop, there are certain characteristics that you can look out for to help make that decision for you.


Knowing your computer peripherals

Once you have a laptop or desktop you can invest in many additional components to make your live a lot easier. These are known as computer peripherals, as technology moves on they are becoming bigger and better in making day to day tasks easier for you.

Published: 5-Feb-2014

Get Comfortable In Your Office With These Tips on Office Furniture

When you think of office furniture, you like many people, probably start thinking, desk, chair, maybe a lamp, definitely a computer, and some pictrures on the wall. However the office furniture industry is a multi-billion dollar business.


How To Choose Between a Laptop, Notepad or a Desktop Computer

Thinking of buying a new computer? Learn the difference between laptop, notepad and desk top comuters.


Free file storage space on web

Free online storage is a reality, today you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to upload your files and documents for safe keeping. One of the biggest reasons aiding free online storage is the fact that computer hardware and in particular storage space has become very cheap. All you need to do is figure out what site you want to register with, and once you are logged on you are ready to upload files. There are a couple of things to remember when you are using a free file storage site. The first thing to look for is, if the site you are registering with is truly a free site, most sites usually offer a limited period trial offer, where in you can actually use the site’s services for a limited period of time, and once the promotional period is over you are required to pay membership fees to continue using the online storage. The truth is that quality online storage sites usually require a small membership fees to use their services, and even if you are offered free space there are usually restrictions on the space and the amount of downloads and uploading you can do.