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I LOVE it when an idea and promotion come together

The money pouring into a bank account because of a perfectly matched promotion, price, people mix - nothing better...

Published: 1-Feb-2013

Blazing new trails and profits with old marketing tools

Many people are out there hyping up that the internet is “different”. That you need to deal with people “differently”. That people have somehow miraculously “changed” and they don’t respond to marketing like they used to. Hogwash!

Published: 9-Dec-2012

2 very dangerous trends to fall into - I have!

Information overload is HUGE! Learn what you can do to avoid this and many other common mistakes.


Marketing basics... that you may be ignoring

The following 6 strategies can each make a huge difference to your business....


The Hidden Danger of Emails

Have you noticed people tend to hide behind emails these days? It is soooo easy to blast off a quick email rather than a phone call. BUT – emails have a tendency to be taken the wrong way, and in the wrong context. Find out what you can do to ensure you aren't making the common mistakes that can be absolutely devastating to your results..


Marketing using unusual customer focused tools

How just a little creativity can make the ideas pop and the profits sing!