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A Desk on Top

Solve window clutter and access desktop easily. To launch a shortcut from your desktop simply click DESKonTOP icon near the system clock, and access a small copy of your desktop with all shortcuts.

Published: 3-Jun-2013

Clean up Your Act! 10 Tips to Steamline Your Office for a More Successful One-Person Business

Stop wasting time looking for papers lost on your desk, running down to the office supply store for last minute printer ribbons, or working 24-7. Use these 10 tips to get more organized, streamline your repetitive activities and plan ahead to prevent office crises and uproar.


Proper Staging Will Sell Your Home Quickly

Every home seller wants to ensure they get the highest sales price when selling their home and get offers promptly. Properly preparing or 'staging' your house before you place it on the market can help get that sold sign up swiftly.

Published: 1-Oct-2010

8 Reasons To Keep A "To Do" List

By following a list we take stress out of our lives, have a goal and accomplish twice as much in a short amount of time and these additional reasons.

Published: 1-Dec-2005

Organize Today With A Storage Shed System That Works

If you already own a shed and it's a disaster, there are things you can do to improve the situation.