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Seven Qualities that Make a Good Career Consultant

Why not enjoy a useful and enormously satisfying life as a career consultant? - Are you good with people and enjoy listening to their career stories? Do you love giving them advice about their possible options and does making a 'difference' in their lives hit all your hot buttons? Exactly. You love it so much you'd like to do it full-time? You might be lucky and be one of the handful of Apprentices that Margaret takes on every year.


Stressful Workplace? Time To Take The Responsibility To Change Things

Stress is the most common cause of absenteeism in the workplace and it's on the increase. Still there are ways for you to minimise it. So, is it time to change the way you work, where you work, or how you work? Let's take a look at the options.

Published: 9-Mar-2012

Ten Signs That You Are Ready for a New Job or Career

You've been in your job for a few years. You get a decent paycheck and your benefits are helpful. You try to tell yourself you should be happy you have such a good job, but some days you have to face how unhappy you are at work. Read this list of ten clues and count how many fit your situation. Is it time for you to explore your options for your next job or career?


Survivor Winner, Yul Kwon - $1 Million Richer...But Still Searching for His True Calling

Yul Kwon, the winner of the 13th season of Survivor, is quite accomplished, and yet, according to his friends, he's still searching from his true calling...a way to make a difference. Although taking time off may provide him with clues to his true calling, a random exploration of possibilities may not lead him to his dream career. Just as Yul used strategy to win Survivor, there are seven strategies he can use to discover his true calling.