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Career Changes – Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Make Your Move

Deciding on making a career change can be a huge step for many people. Here are several questions to ponder and hopefully assist in helping to make the right career management decisions.


career development

Child development as a science is still in its infancy, and there are a lot of theories when it comes to child development and also on how to parent a child and nurture him for a brighter future. The truth is that bringing up a child is not a walk in the park, and sometimes parents need all the help they can get in bringing up their children. There is no shortage of advice on the internet, but there is a lot less said about the role of patience in bringing up children. Like all important aspects of life, bringing up children also requires a lot of patience.

Published: 5-Aug-2013

New Grads – Welcome!

Quick tips to help New College Graduates navigate successfully in their new careers.


New Grads Don't Have to Settle for Bad Jobs!

New College graduates face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to getting that first job. Many employers, however, want fresh new ideas and employees with lots of future potential. With 20% of all workers with college degrees either unemployed or employed in jobs requiring only high school skills, there is help for the college grad who doesn’t want to settle for a job in which they are undervalued and under-challenged.

Published: 3-Jul-2012

Show Me The Green

Today, employers expect us to show up with more knowledge, better information, fresh creativity and vast energy. To show up in those ways we have begun to look deeper and deeper inside our being to come up with our best. And the by-product of all that inner searching is a new expectation about what we want and expect from the companies we work for.


Top 10 Tips for New Grads Seeking Their First Job

Career Tips for New College Graduates: Making the transition from college student to full-time member of the workforce can be a difficult time for many graduates. Many graduates will accept responsibilities for their own lives and their own financial support for the very first time. Unfortunately, far too many new graduates will settle for jobs in which they are undervalued and under-challenged.