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The Secrets to Successful Small Business Sales

Effective selling is about finding the specific steps of action that apply to the customer you are trying to reach and taking those actions over and over and over again. That is what I have learned about sales. If I can clearly identify the people who are most likely to use my products and services and reach out to them in a consistent, systematic way, success is possible without selling mysoul.


Start Making Real Money: Get Better Known By Clients and Colleagues

The key to making real money is to be well known by your potential clients and colleagues. This may seem to take much too much time away from your day-to-day business, but it is crucial when you want to place yourself in your community as an expert in your field. Learn how a few simple steps can get you better know to the people who matter most in your business.


Not Enough Time, Not Enough Sales!

Are you very busy all the time, but don't have enough clients? It is a difficult situation - you are doing everything yourself and don't have the sales to support hiring help, but you can't work any more than you already work! You need to be more efficient. Read on to find out how.

Published: 6-Apr-2013

Market With Every E-mail You Send

Learn how to use signature files to market your small business with every e-mail you send. The best way to market yourself with every e-mail you send is to have your own e-mail address at your own domain name, but if you don't have your own domain, using signature files will get you noticed and make you memorable!

Published: 8-Dec-2012

How to Keep Your Blog Traffic - Tips for a Stickier Blog

So you finally figured out how to get those visitors to your site, huh? Well, partner, it's not over. Now you've got to keep them there, if you want a successful blog.

Published: 4-Oct-2012

Vending Machine Sales - It All Depends On Location And Machine

There's lots of factors that go in to determining the success of your vending machine sales.