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Using eBay to Generate Traffic

You have a website and you are desperately trying to increase the web traffic. Have you considered using eBay? EBay is perhaps the most cost effective solution to promote you website and subsequently generate more traffic for your website. Well, this is how it works….


Using eBay to build a list.

Your sales figures on the eBay website may look promising; however, you have not been able to make huge profits as you had planned. If you are struggling to increase your income and hoping that your customers return to you repeatedly for more business, it’s about time that you built a solid list for repeat business.

Published: 6-Apr-2013

You have 3 seconds to sell your eBook on eBay...

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. While this maybe true in the book world in the eBook world it is a different story. Especially when selling your eBooks on eBay.


Sell eBooks on eBay? You must Have an eBay Store.

I often get asked if owning an eBay store is worth the expense. I think if you are serious about your eBay business owning an eBay store is a no brainer. In this newsletter I will try to explain the benefits of owning an eBay store.


If You Sell Your Own Resale Rights eBooks on eBay You Must…

Most eBook sellers start their Internet Marketing career on eBay; they do this because it is so easy to get started and most sellers start by selling other authors eBooks with resale rights. As they become more experienced they learn the real money is in...


Using eBay Auctions to Generate Website Visitors.

Most people don’t realise you can use eBay to build your mailing list, this is something I have been doing for years and as long as you obey eBay’s rules you will have no problems.