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Minimize Indoor Pollution with Proper Air Filtration

According to the EPA, the air in most homes is at least two to four times more polluted than outside air.


Technology for Advance Air Purifier : Electronic Air Purifiers

Although there are various versions of air purifiers available today in the market including the HEPA purifier and the UV air-purifier, but there are only two basic kinds of electronic air purifiers.


Gas Filters In Air Purifiers To Filter Air

When we talk about air purifiers we generally restrict our discussion to particulates suspended in air. But it is not just about them.


Lethal Highly Reactive Ozone Quantities Could Be Found in Your Home

When people consider air purifiers/ fresheners/ cleaners they don't usually investigate the fact that they may be dangerous. This article looks into the unfortunate truth concerning a particular type of air purifier and the problems it can cause.


Navigating The Confusing World Of Air Cleaners

Choosing Your Air Filter.