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Selling Your Business - What Would Sam Zell Do?

Sam Zell, multibillionaire founder of Equity Residential (EQR) has approached the sale of his business the right way. Sellers of privately held businesses can learn a great deal from his approach. This article explores his process.


Data Recovery: Beginners Tips

Right now you probably in a lot of mental pain, and all youre concerned about is recovering your data as quickly as possible - so well refrain from comments on the wisdom of regular back ups. The time for preventative measures has gone - the issue at hand is data recovery.


Fast Web Design For The Skint Webmaster

About two years ago, I had a go at commercial web site design. I put a medium-sized ad in a London classified ad paper. Nothing fancy: "Web designer seeks work ..." etc. This was expensive, about 500 for a month's run.


Adware Installation Stealth Tactics

When adware can't trick you into installing it, it often resorts to a secretive invasion. Find out how to defend yourself.


Adware: How to Beat the Sneakiest Software

Promoters of adware, software that shows advertising on a user's computer, use some cunning tricks to get you to install their software on your machine.


Flipping A House For Real Estate Profits

A lot of people these days will tell you that serious wealth can be gained by buying and selling Real Estate