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Do Your People Think About Pay? - Only If You've Got It Wrong

If your people are standing around talking about pay, you've probably got it wrong. Learn how to solve the problems and keep them focused on their jobs.


Being Competitive With Pay - Linking to the Market

Deciding what to pay people is often difficult and often winds up with winners and losers instead of a sensible and fair agreement. Looking to the market in a systematic way along with a well designed salary system can ease the pain.


Salaries: Bringing It All Together - Performance, Market And Job

Building a salary system can bring many benefits to a business and prevent a lot of friction and wasted time. It is important to have the fundamentals in place and then design a system that meets your needs. It need not be complex.

Published: 8-Nov-2005

Is Pay Important? - Yes If You Get It Wrong

With many businesses pay is normally negotiated when someone is recruited and then doesn't get another mention until there is a problem. There is a way of making sure this problem is fixed and stays fixed.