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Call Center Solutions Lead the way at Contact Centers Worldwide -- Yesterday,

Solutions that were unheard of several years ago are now extremely prevalent throughout the industry, allowing for businesses and consumers to communicate like never before.


Go GREEN with Freedom TeleWork Outsourcing

Corporate clients keen to take advantage of the big cost savings outsourcing and virtual call centers offer are flocking to companies like Freedom TeleWork .


Voice Broadcasting: A Powerful Tool, But Dangerous In The Hands Of Fools

Imagine being able to deliver a message to large numbers of people without having to pay the cost of tele agents, and having the ability of sending one message to a live pick up vs. a different message to an answering machine.

Published: 4-May-2013

Training In The Maintenance Field

Today's Maintenance Industry has one major obstacle, Training. Both "Mechanical Training" and "Safety Training" have been sore spots. With newer, faster and more powerful machinery being used in today's Industrial Factories, Plants & Work sites, today's maintenance professional must also become a more knowledgeable and much more aware employee.


Today's Maintenance Industry Professionals

Today in the Maintenance industry, as in all others there are universal issues and problems that are encountered by Management. Your success as a manager depends on your ability to analyze and correct these issues and problems.


Predictive Dialers - Maximizing Human Interaction

Predictive dialers are many steps removed from their predessors, the automatic dialers of the past. Whereas automatic dialing allowed callcenter agencies to dial numbers quickly and efficiently, predictive dialing also processes and makes use of a whole range of additional information.

Published: 7-Nov-2004