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Configuring An Authoritative Time Server On A Windows 2000 Server

This article describes how to set up and configure an Authoritative Time Server in a Windows 2000 Server environment. It also discusses the hierarchical relationship at the heart of the service and provides some configuration hints and tips.


The NTP Server Protocol Made Easy

This article describes some of the features of NTP and attempts to simplify some of the terminology used.


How To Synchronise Your PC to the Rugby Atomic Radio Time Signal

This article describes how the MSF-60 time signal can be decoded and used to synchronise computers and NTP time server systems.


Synchronising NTP Servers to the GPS System

This article presents an introduction to using the GPS system for computer timing applications. It describes the equipment that can be utilised to provide a precise time resource for computers and computer networks.

Published: 8-Feb-2013

Installing and Configuring NTP on LINUX

This article discusses how to install and configure the NTP Server application on a Linux machine to synchronise time with an Internet based public NTP Server.


Time Synchronisation On Your Computer

This article describes various ways of keeping the time on your computer accurate. It also shows how to synchronise a computers system clock with a highly accurate reference clock.