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One Step Beyond Literacy

Thoughts on the importance of employing character based learning strategies while teaching children how to read and write and some suggestions on how to do so.


A Desolating Scourge

A tounge in cheek look at the primary cause of the many social problems facing the world today, the serious nature of these problems and a sure cure if we would ever choose to use it.

Published: 1-Feb-2014

Why is Teaching Children Right from Wrong Not Enough?

"Why is Teaching Children Right from Wrong Not Enough" briefly explores how choices are more often determined by desires than by knowledge, and the implications this has for teaching character education. It also proposes a model for teaching children that gives them a deeper understanding of what makes the difference between right and wrong and why it is important to be able to distinguish this difference.

Published: 4-Jan-2014

How Can Candy Corn be Really Good for Kids? Check the Numbers to Get the Whole Story

Does all that sugar in candy corn have you interested whether or not it is right for your kids? In some ways, it just might be.


Practice Makes Perfect When It Comes to Creating the Two-Hour Work Week: Individual Perfection

With 2,000 percent solutions, you can get all your work done in two hours a week . . . or you can accomplish much more by working more than two hours weekly. This article explains how to draw productivity lessons from thinking about where people routinely do things almost perfectly.

Published: 7-Nov-2013

Would You Pass The Dorothy Test?

How often do managers forget about the contributions made by those they take for granted? Here's a reminder.