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From Ordinary Improvements to Breakthrough Progress

Teams make most improvements. This article looks at how you can go from making ordinary improvements into accomplishing breakthrough, exponential progress by selecting the right team and leader.


Follow Enthusiasm Down the Most Fruitful Paths Towards Flawless Performance

Achieving perfect performance is often desirable but traditional carrot-and-stick approaches aren't sufficient to achieve that result. This article proposes using enthusiasm, better communications, and a better redesign process to approach perfection.


The Role of Leadership in Selling

Leadership is a compelling intellectual or spiritual force that moves people to action. We must take charge and lead the selling conversation. We must demonstrate for our customer that we seek what is best for her as we work with others to provide a solution for her needs. Leadership requires leaders. Are you up to the task?


Live Your Perfect Dreams

Daydreaming is fun, but living those daydreams is infinitely better. This article looks at how to turn your dreams of perfection into everyday joy of having that perfection.


Match Individual Perfection to Organizational Flawlessness for the Greatest Breakthroughs

Performance breakthroughs can be most easily established by seeing how natural tendencies to operate perfectly as individuals can be tied to ways that groups operate flawlessly. This article provides an example of how to make such a breakthrough in cost reductions for an organization.


Is Our Educational System Producing Responsible Citizens?

A brief presentation of why and how to implement character based learning strategies in the classroom.