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Here Are Quick and Easy Ways To Staying Motivated

Motivational experts get paid big bucks to tell professionals, striving for success, that they must constantly examine these factors. How do you do that? Follow the 5 tips that follow, and watch the changes.


10 Ways to Build a Cult Like Following

How to use the inner workings of cults to grow and maintain your business and your social network.


The Incredible Brain Slug That Controls Human Behavior

Many people think that mind control is about attaching a brain slug to someone and they will do what you want. Well it's not that easy.


Hypnotherapy for Business Development - Leading by Example

So you thought hypnotherapy and business development make a rather odd couple, right? One is all about strange utterings and exaggerated facial expressions, while the other is about being cool, calculated and professional.


Comedy Hypnosis Shows - Are They Perfect For Your Next Corporate Party?

Comedy Hypnotist Shows... Are they a good bet for your next corporate holiday party? Have you ever seen one? Well, if not you owe it to yourself to see one someday. They are absolutely hilarious and can make a great form of entertainment for a corporate holiday party... But watch out!


Hire A Hypnotist For Convention Fun!

Imagine a comedy show at your next event so hilarious - your guests talk about it - and are still laughing about it years later...