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The 5 Keys To Inducting New Employees

When it comes to inducting new employees into your business you only get one chance. Get it wrong and you have started to sow the seeds of doubt in the mind of your new starter in the first few weeks. Get it right and it will make a huge difference to how the person settles in. Without being perfectionist, the key is to make sure that every new starter feels excited and positive that they have made the right choice in joining your business.


7 Tips To Becoming an Inspirational Leader

I was recently asked “What would you say is the one real key to finding and keeping people?” After thinking for a moment, I said “Leadership.” The reason is that an inspirational leader in any field - business, sport, politics - draws in great people to work with them through their own magnetism. But what is it that these leaders do that makes them stand out? And how can this help you recruit and retain the right people?


5 Ways to Constantly Attract Good People

Recruitment is one of those activities that you cannot just 'switch on' when you have a vacancy and expect instant results. To attract the right people on an on going basis, you must have some key steps or systems in place all the time - even when you have no open vacancies.

Published: 3-Apr-2011

The One BIG SECRET To Retaining Great People

So what’s the real secret to retaining great people? Well, it’s certainly NOT about pay and financial benefits. In fact it’s quite the opposite – it’s what I refer to as the ‘Non-Financial Benefits.’ The stronger the non-financial benefits of working for you, the less sensitive your team become to financial factors such as pay and bonuses. All of which means that you can retain your staff into the longer term with minimal cost.


Successful Interviewing: 7 Questions You Must Always Ask

Many businesses suffer from high levels of staff turnover simply because they have hired the wrong people in the first place. Very often this “mis - hiring” of people or “missing out" on people is down to the way in which these people have been interviewed – in particular the questions that were are asked (or rather NOT asked!). But there are 7 questions that you must ask every candidate regardless of the type of role you are hiring for: