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Picking a College Major

If you’re like most people, choosing a college major can be extremely difficult. You want to find the right balance between something you like to do and something that can provide a solid financial future. Few people will ever welcome the onset of the workweek, but that doesn’t mean any job should be a nightmare. Likewise, jobs from “easy” majors rarely pay very much and often require another four years of college before they become marginally profitable in regard o the time spent on them.


A Desolating Scourge

A tounge in cheek look at the primary cause of the many social problems facing the world today, the serious nature of these problems and a sure cure if we would ever choose to use it.

Published: 1-Feb-2014

Why is Teaching Children Right from Wrong Not Enough?

"Why is Teaching Children Right from Wrong Not Enough" briefly explores how choices are more often determined by desires than by knowledge, and the implications this has for teaching character education. It also proposes a model for teaching children that gives them a deeper understanding of what makes the difference between right and wrong and why it is important to be able to distinguish this difference.

Published: 4-Jan-2014

How Can Candy Corn be Really Good for Kids? Check the Numbers to Get the Whole Story

Does all that sugar in candy corn have you interested whether or not it is right for your kids? In some ways, it just might be.


Profit, People & the Planet - Increase Your Triple Bottom Line

Find out when “Being Green” is really a good Business Strategy. Utilizing environmentally responsible practices can affect your "triple bottom line" – that's Profit, People and the Planet. Discover 10 simple and easy Green initiatives you can put into place today.


How to Pick a College Loan Lender

One of the most important parts of completing the student loan process is choosing the right lender. With the emphasis that is being placed upon higher education in recent years, there are tons of options in the student loan market. With so many student loan lenders out there, it is important to take in all of the options and make an informed choice.