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Work as a Place of Power

Work is not just a place to pick up your paycheck. Coach Ann Vanino explains that personal growth and improved self-esteem can be claimed while learning about the power in the workplace.


What The www Is All About?

The World Wide Web has made life easy for everyone in the world. It is the medium through which anyone can host a site, and make the information available to the whole world. This concept came into being in the year 1989, and entire credit goes to the science community CERN. Initially when this was invented, it was more for an idea to share information among scientific communities and institutes.


If you want good answers, ask good questions

Asking questions is a great way to get the information you want or need, but not if you ask the wrong questions. This article illustrates how to ask good questions to get good answers.


Computers Have Evolved A Great Deal

A few years ago, we would have never thought that a computer would look so sleek and sophisticated. There is one interesting thing that you need to note about computers. While it was initially launched, it took several years to evolve.


Keeping the Lines of Management Intact

Cultivating a good manager takes finesse and experience. Key ingredients such as reliability, ability to make competent decisions and possess innate leadership qualities must be present in order to become a successful manager. If any of those ingredients is missing or is skewed in relation to the other, the combination can be reckless and create undesirable consequences down the road.


Use Voice PRI to Eliminate Excess Analog Lines

Does your thriving business still operate on numerous analog lines in addition to your Voice PRI? Do the monthly charges seem to add up month after month after month, and you wonder why you even still have them? Did you know you can get rid of nearly all of your old analog line technology when implementing a Voice PRI, and eliminate those excess costs?