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So you think you hear voices?

Janet Ault, "The One Take Wonder," briefly talks about various ways voice talent professionals should prepare for a client, and what clients should look for when choosing a voice talent


Beat the Workplace Bully at their own Game ...but Don’t Make Him or Her a Loser

While these statistics may disturb you, they may not surprise you – the sting of the bully goes deep and most of us either know someone who has been bullied or have been bullied themselves. Ask anyone who has been bullied and their description usually includes words such as “torturous, destructive, cruel and devastating.” I guess it doesn’t really matter how you describe it - it is the cruelty of it that people don’t forget..


How Chief Executives Can Improve Their Performance with Personal Reflection

Wise experienced leaders consider personal reflection one of their most valuable tools. Do you know how to effectively reflect? Find out how to create your simple yet powerful process of reflection that will help you improve and stay ahead of the game.


Outsourcing Hidden Gems Revealed!

Advantages of Outsourcing Revealed


How To Make Money as a Podcast Production Service

Learn five ways that you can make money as a podcast producer.


How to Be an Ideal Leader for Your Business

How to develop as a leader in business, the responsibilities and how to continuosly improve as a leader are discussed. Better learn the importance of conveying your company vision, goals for your business and steps to gain confidence from employees

Published: 2-Nov-2009