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Network Time Protocol or Simple Network Time Protocol

This article describes the differences between NTP and SNTP. The article also discusses when SNTP can be safely used in place of the full-blown NTP protocol. It also outlines the differences between a NTP server\client and a SNTP server\client.

Published: 4-Jul-2012

How to Build a NTP Server

This article describes how to build and configure your very own stratum one NTP Server. By adding a low-cost GPS or radio time reference to your Linux machine, you can have your very own highly accurate time reference. Your NTP server can be used to synchronize all the machines on your network to the precise time.

Published: 3-Jul-2012

Network Timing: NTP Time Servers

This article describes the Network Time Protocol and provides an overview of how NTP servers utilise NTP to provide an accurate source of time to network time clients.


Using GPS For Accurate Timing

This article describes how the Global Positioning System can be used to provide a precise timing reference and provides an overview of the equipment required.


Debugging NTP Server Installations

This article describes how to debug a NTP server installation after compilation and configuration of the distribution.

Published: 6-May-2012

GPS Time Servers For Network Time Synchronisation

This article discusses how GPS time server systems obtain precise timing information to provide a highly accurate timing reference for network time synchronisation.