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Logo design essentails

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the word ‘Audi’ is their 4 rings logo (seemingly inspired from the Olympic logo). A company’s logo leaves a lasting impression, and for good reason; every single piece of corporate stationary from letter heads to business cards sport a company’s logo. Every advertisement irrespective of the medium (print, internet or television) proudly displays the company/product’s logo. A company’s identity is closely linked to its logo and it is important for organizations to have their own distinctive logo, irrespective of the size of the organization. A company’s logo is more than just a unique symbol; a logo reflects a company’s attitude and vision. If you are looking to get a logo developed for your organization, here are few tips to help you make an informed decision.


Info On Ad Blocks

Ad Blockers are a great way to eliminate the amount of ads you receive on your computer. This will make your computer work faster as well as protect your privacy more.

Published: 8-Feb-2014

“The Biggest Single Advantage You Have Over All Your Competition…And how To Use It To Send Your Profits Straight Up!”

How To Create A Celebrity Public Personality… What do Donald Trump, Dave Thomas, Richard Branson, and that crazy guy on TV that sells cars have in common?


“How To Sell When They Are Not Ready To Buy”

Most ads appeal to the person who is ready to buy now. But did you know that there are stages of buying? Yup. Roughly, they are;


Launching New Products Without Blowing Your Budget

Launching new products is an excellent way to earn money if it is done correctly. Many companies think throwing money at product launches is the way to make them effective. That is not true.


“The Most Incredible Marketing Lesson I Learned…I Got From NASA”

I was reading the other day about the space probes sent to Mars. The article told about the distance to Mars, the timing of the launch, and how accurate the math had to be. Mars is about 35 MILLION miles from Earth at it’s closest. (I’m doing this from memory. I may be off a little).