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Start a Business Or Work For A Living? It Shouldn't Have To Be A Choice

If you feel enslaved by your current job, you are not alone. You dream of being your own boss. Instead of grinding away at the demeaning tasks of your current job, you could be building a business of your own. If that's the case, why don't you quit your job and start that business right away?

Published: 2-Jan-2011

Advantages of IP Telephony for the Residential Consumer

As more of us are building our own local area networks at home to connect our family members to each others data and appliances, broadband connections to the outside world have expanded our pipe to the Internet, giving us plenty of bandwidth to consider converging our home network with voice over IP telephony.

Published: 2-Jan-2011

Firing Employees and Increasing Your Productivity

Are you frustrated by a problem employee who is ruining your business' productivity? If so, you are not alone. Don't let a bad employee ruin your bottom line. Learn how other small business owners are firing problem employees while lowering their risk of wrongful termination lawsuits.

Published: 2-Jan-2011

Finding The Hot Niche Markets

A successful home business must start with a hot niche market to target. Here is how one marketer finds them.

Published: 2-Jan-2011

Cross Stitch and Men - Crossing the Gender Barrier

Surprisingly, many men love to pull out those needles and threads to cross-stitch projects that they enjoy. It possibly starts out as a means of simply relieving stress. Since Cross Stitch is not considered "manly", it causes many people to wonder about the men who love to cross-stitch and leads to a number of interesting questions...

Published: 2-Jan-2011

Automate Your Business!

Are you spending too much time at your computer doing the same tedious tasks over and over? If so, you need to automate and accelerate your profits.

Published: 2-Jan-2011