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How to Type Special Characters

common keyboard symbols - how to type special charactors on the computer keyboard

Here are some of the most common keyboard symbols you need to familiarize yourself with when learning to type. Keep this list handy for easy reference. EXCLAMATION MARK ! SHIFT 1 AT SIGN @ SHIFT 2 NUMBER SIGN # SHIFT 3 DOLLAR SIGN $ SHIFT 4 PERCENT SIGN % SHIFT 5 CARET SIGN ^ SHIFT 6 AMPERSAND & SHIFT 7 ASTERISK * SHIFT 8 PARENTHESIS ( ) SHIFT 9 & 10 QUESTION MARK ? SHIFT / BRACKETS { } SHIFT RIGHT OF P EQUALS = RIGHT OF HYPHEN PLUS + SHIFT = Print this list and keep these keyboard symbols handy for easy reference.

Author:Pamela Connolly Category:Computers Published:29-Jan-2005 Tags: home schooling, homeschooling, learn to type, typing skills, learn how to type, home schooling