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Businesses Face Spyware Threats on a Day to Day basis.

Businesses are banning accress to certain websites in order to gain some control over spyware from downloading on their network.

The network administrator an a company ran a normal web activity report of all the enterprise's users and found that the employees were logging thousands of hits per day on a single site that had nothing to do with the business. What was found was not that the employees were slacking while at work, rather the network was infected with spyware that was tracking the surfers' activity then sending the information back to the web site for a third part to review and use, all without the employees' knowledge. Spyware can and will slow a computer's bandwidth as well as cause the network to gradual decrease its speed. Many companies are beginning to worry about spyware because it has become so easy to get and install into unknowing users' computers. Most employees do not know that by clicking on a pop up or web site or by downloading free files such as a screen saver they are letting spyware into the system. There are numerous programs available to find and delete these malicious spyware applications. Taking preventative measures against spyware will save networks much more time and money than if they wait to remove the spyware after it is already installed and doing its work. Users cannot think they are safe surfing the internet without spyware protection. It is necessary for personal and business network computers to find and use an anti-spyware program that will not only scan for current infection but also protect your computer while you are online. The above mentioned business used Wavecrest's Cyfin monitoring program to solve their problems and detect any unusual activity occurring. Wavecrest includes a Cyblock filter so while employees are online the software is protecting against future spyware invasions. For more information on how Wavecrest's security works visit their site at

Author:Mitch Johnson Category:Affiliate Programs Published: 8-Nov-2004 Tags: spyware removal, spyware scanner, spyare detector