Fear for no peers!

Britain's Next Top Advertising Model

In choosing an advertising medium, you can draw many tongue in cheek similarities to those reality TV, modelling shows we all enjoy and love to watch (editor - "err, no mate")

In this (light hearted) view of online ad strategies I'd like to take a closer look at how close they really are - Reality TV Models vs. Online Advertising Models Part 1 - They all want to be on top! You'll find the PPC models casually showing off how easily they can get onto the front page. SEO struts around & quickly reminds them of the tortoise & hare story whilst whispering under their breath that PPC is high maintenance - They eventually stop talking as we go to a commercial break Part 2 - New kids on the block The million dollar home page has everyone's envy. Banner babe calls her 'new money' and is clearly threatened by here presence in the house. Funnily enough a few watch the million dollars home pages moves & start to copy - by the 100's!. Banners best friend - Pop up is in everyone's face & refuses to go out without a fight and re-invents herself more than Madonna. Part 3 - Nobody likes me All the other models are talking about Link Campaign - 'She goes out with anyone! Guys from bad neighbourhoods - they're not even her type!' Link Campaign is in the garden crying herself to sleep and dreams about dating guys who share her own interests and speak her language. Link Campaign has a fling with SEO, and makes an appearance on the front page of Google! Part 4 - Grande Finale: Back to reality The truth is, there is no grand finale. In the real world of internet marketing and advertising, each method has different 'personalities', pros and cons which suit different people with different needs. One thing many experts are beginning to endorse however is focussing on your niche. The internet started for many as a way to access the wealth of information this blue rock has to offer. Gradually we realised that most of what we need is specific to our own interests. Our likes, dislikes, opinions, where we live, in other words 'the niche'. Unless you have a gazillion pounds or dollars to throw at the market - focussing on your niche can bring about surprising results. Good luck with yours!

Author:Julian Hall Category:Advertising Published: 9-Aug-2005 Tags: Organic, Photos, Weddings, Tattoos, Art, Betting, Charity, Holidays, Finance, Mortgage, SEO, Stock, Insurance