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The History Of The Successful Watch Company Raymond Weil

The history of Raymond Weil dating back to the creation of the company in 1976.

The history of Raymond Weil watches all began in 1976 when Raymond Weil himself created the company. He jumped on the opportunity at a time when the Swiss watch industry was at a bit of turmoil. To get the company off on the right foot, Raymond Weil decided on the designs of the products first collections. To go even one step further, he then personally introduced the collections to his prospective distributors in Europe. In 1982, Raymond Weil's son-in-law, Olivier Bernheim, joined the company. It was perfect timing because the company was at a point where it needed to evolve into the competitive world with a global organization. Olivier was perfect for this because of his managerial skills. To start with he was in charge of the marketing and communications, which soon evolved into several new markets worldwide. After 10 years, the company celebrated its anniversary in 1986 by launching the Othello collection, which was a combination of avant-garde technology and refined design. The ultra-thin timepiece played out to be a significant piece for the company because of the brilliantly crafted design and its symbolism of creative impudence. In 1988 the Traviata collection was launched, again bringing to life the impeccable innovation of Raymond Weil. In 1989 Raymond Weil launched an unforgettable advertising campaign that brought the very nature of our world in accommodation with the spectacular timepieces. The campaign was shot in beautiful Iceland with amazing landscapes in the background. The campaign modeled the watches through water, earth, wind and fire. 1994 was a full year for Raymond Weil as it began by winning an award for the Precision Movements advertising campaign. It was this campaign that signified the image that Raymond Weis promised to deliver. From there, a new campaign was launched featuring the acclaimed photographer Lois Greenfield. Lois portrayed dancers in mid-air by adding black and white images to help project a campaign full of creativity and artistic modernity. Between 1995 and 1996 Raymond Weil launched two new collections, including one of its most famous collections in 1995. Tango was so popular because of the appeal it offers to the mainstream consumer. It is truly a watch that is suitable for all tastes and occasions. In 1996 the new W1 collection was launched, which was comprised of an innovative timepiece that was fresh and vivacious. In 1998 Raymond Weil was introduced to the luxurious and glamorous watch making as the Don Giovanni line joined the Raymond Weil collection. This would prove to be one of the most vital pieces to Raymond Weil's continuous success today with several different collections put out between the two lines. From 2000 to date, there have been several advertising campaigns launched and a plethora of new timepieces and collections developed. It is Raymond Weil's dedication and determination to continuously modernize their watches and provide fresh and enticing timepieces that has kept them atop the finest watch company's in the world. Copyright (c) 2007 Patrick Bedford

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