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Keywords and phrases for Adsense

Content may be King but, Keywords are Queen in the world of Internet marketing. Especially with Adsense sites which without good keywords and phrases, are doomed. Now there is a keyword database that's constantly updating itself using some very clever techniques.

Where are at is 'neural bots'. What are neural bots? In a nutshell, an ordinary bot trawls from a list of urls, specific categories or the entire internet. Looking for and bringing back to base anything that they are pre-programmed to do. Neural bots though, make decisions and progressively learn to make further decisions above the set of instructions originally given. Neural bots can also be integrated into other 'Parent' neural bots or multi discipline programmes, which multiplies the decisions ability as extended calculations are carried out by the Parent and passed back to the child bot, which then searches again with a completely new set of parameters. Example. We tell our little neural bot to find all keywords and phrases for say 'spiders' (the hairy type). Assuming our neural bot is a child working for a server based parent, then initially the child bot working upon a simple set of key instructions will interrogate ordained places and make decisions about what keywords or phrases to include, keep for later or exclude. These keyword decisions are constantly varying dependant upon several other factors, temporary keyphrase popularity for example or how many times, in what context or where it has found that keyword before. All this information is stored in its own exclusive keywords database for further reference. It then presents to the Parent server programme its findings. Now the neural Parent, is constantly making decisions from multiple inputs in addition to other bots, it constantly analyses server requests for information, the child bots keywords database and what is being searched for on the major search engines amongst other things. It also maintains a constantly expanding keyphrase referencing database, enabling it to learn particular patterns and change its 'rule set' accordingly. The Parent may decide to send out the child again with a new instruction set about 'spiders' so that it can analyse further keywords before producing the list and adding it to the keyword access database. So by the time our humble search for 'spider' has produced a keyword list, we know that a lot of behind the scenes processing has gone into ensuring that that our keyword list only contains relevant content and is bang up to date. We also know that all the useless, adult or un-searched words or phrases are weeded out. We also know that if we search for 'spider' again after 24 hrs, the whole process will be repeated and the results compared and added to the constantly expanding keywords database. Why? Because everything changes. In life it may take years, on the internet it's more like minutes and hours. What was top yesterday may be 59th tomorrow and what was 900th, is today's number one. People can never click on an advert for the latest hot product if the item is not advertised! If your keyword list is old, then so will be the adverts, its that simple! But, if your site is plugged into a constantly changing keyword database and automatically produces pages around each new keyword or keyphrase that comes along in the chosen niche, then the latest products will be advertised on the new pages produced. provides just that. A gigantic database of popular keywords and key phrases that is constantly maintaining and updating itself with over 100,000 new keywords and phrases added each day. Access to this massive source of valuable information is transparently simple at along with access to a massive collection of keyword related interesting articles.

Author:Doc Category:Sociology Published: 9-May-2012 Tags: keyword access keyphrase keywords adsense