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How To Advertise Free and Effectively

Have you joined a business opportunity but don't have the funds to place online ads? Well, the truth is, you don't need money to advertise.

Have you joined a business opportunity but don't have the funds to place online ads? Well, the truth is, you don't need money to advertise. Don't get me wrong, using paid advertising is good and will bring results, but when you don't got it you don't got it. My first recommendation to gaining free exposure to your website is participating in online forums and message forums. I own 4 message forums myself and use them to my maximum benefit. They are fun and they are a good way to get your name out there. If you haven't used forums before you are surely missing out on traffic to your websites. Most forums, not all, allow you to use a signature file at the end of your posts. So the more posts you make, the more times your link will be shown. I don't recommend going out to forums and making unwanted posts though. Join forums that you have interest in and submit posts that have value and meaning. If you are on a forum and see a question that you know the answer to, be sure to make that post and submit your answer. The person that posted the original post is most likely going to read your response and visit your link. This goes the same with readers reading the post and responses. Do you send email? Are you using your signature file? Make sure you are using a signature file with all emails that you send no matter if it is personal or business. You just never know who will see your email, especially if you are the type of person that sends and forwards jokes to everyone in your address book. Have your own domain or website? Be sure you are participating in link exchanges. Each link exchange is a link back to your site. If you have joined a business opportunity and cannot add links to your site, create another site that you can use as your reciprocal linking page. Create a blog on a free blogging service such as Blogger and begin posting about your business. You could post your sales and specials. You could also create product reviews on your blog and allow others to comment. Blogs are known to be indexed fairly fast with the spidered search engines to post to your blog often. Host an online chat or chats and teach others how they can work from home. There are plenty of places and forums you can post your free online events. Even if you host a party and nobody buys anything, make sure you get your guests info so you can email them later. There are definitely more then enough ways you can advertise and get your name out there free. Once you get your name out there you can then advance from the free methods to the paid advertisements such as magazine ads, newsletter ads, etc.

Author:Stefani Partin Category:Advertising Published:21-Sep-2004 Tags: advertising, free advertising, advertisement, online advertising