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Overview Of Common Internet Advertising Strategies

Here is the scoop and a comparison between cheap and expensive Internet advertising methods

Internet advertising methods are popular because virtually everyone knows HTML. As a business owner, you have to choose the best Internet advertising method for your enterprise. Before you decide you must look at the benefits of both cheap and expensive Internet advertising methods. Most people will automatically tell you to choose the expensive methods, but actually they dont know that cheaper advertising methods on the Internet have huge paybacks as well. Here is the scoop and a comparison between cheap and expensive Internet advertising methods: Costly Ones: 1.Pop-ups. This is an expensive method that is also bothersome because people normally close these pop-up windows and dont even try to find out what they are about. Using this method is a waste of your money. Fly ads that are derived from pop-ups are equally irritating to surfers. 2. Pod Casts. Pod casting on the Internet is like broadcasting on the TV. This is a stylish new method thats very hard on your budget. However if you want results then this will be money well spent. 3. Paying Search Engines. This is an expensive method that lets your sites URL be listed in the top search results when a person types the related keyword. You pay a fixed amount to the search engine. This is expensive but if you can pay search engines such as Yahoo or Google then its definitely worth the money. Pay-per-click is also the same thing. Cheap Ones: 1.Blogs. This is one of the latest Internet trends. Go ahead follow the crowd and write a blog advertising your website. Its simple you just sign up for a blog, post your messages and just like that! It doesnt even cost anything! 2. Choose smaller search engines: This is inexpensive and reliable. By putting your site on smaller search engines you increase your chances of getting more results. Bigger search engines can easily ignore your site, so to ensure you are noticed use this cheap method of Internet advertising, it just might work for you. 3. Text link: This one is almost free! Ask someone to text link your site and do the same for them. Expensive versus cheap, this is a dilemma we always face when making decisions to get something. When it comes to Internet advertising you must find out what your needs are and which method best fulfills them. Go with what you like but make sure you get results.

Author:Jeff Burdic Category:Advertising Published:28-Mar-2009 Tags: advertising strategies, internet marketing, network marketing